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I am a multimedia material artist and artesan-smith, cultural producer and creative workshop leader, nurse, developer and professional supervisor for groups and organizations.


In some way I've been doing art since I was a child. In 1993 I had my first own exhibition "Non Sens". The works in the exhibition were made of junk and scrap  and I experienced how satisfying it was to create in a total free way.

After that I wanted all people to have the opportunity to experience this kind of flow. 


All people are creative.

Everyone needs and should have the right to express themselves in different creative activities, regardless of age, life situation or functional ability.

From 1996 onwards, with the help of family and friends, I planned and carried out a several-day summer event for children, young people and families "Children's Culture Days in Ekenäs"

At that time I also began to introduce art and creativity in healthcare and day care / schools.


Peace work and justice

have always been important to me and I was outraged by the treatment of immigrants and refugees in my home country. I thought we need to start with the kids and introduce them to people with different skin color or cultural backgrounds. Thus began my passion for introducing diversity and multiculturalism in kindergartens and schools. Later, adults, the elderly, children and adults with disabilities and entire families have also taken part in courses and workshops.


Together with my daughter, we started the association Children Crossing Cultures rf, which planned and carried out many large and small cultural projects in Finland, Sierra Leone, St Croix, Dominica, Greenland and Iceland. We built and started a school for girls in Sierra Leone in collaboration with a local organization. In Ekenäs, we ran Cafe’ Wilda with multicultural programs for 7 years until the summer of 2020.


I received the Nylands kulturfond’s award in 2014 for “successfully introducing multicultural elements in kindergartens, schools and care institutions”

I am very proud and happy about the award.

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