1998-1999 Trainer of trainees; including  leadership, development in groups and organizations, resource mapping etc   Abo Academy, Finland
          1997 Culture Producer  Abo Academy,Finland
          1993 Carer for disabled people  Finland
          1991 Artesan – silversmith  Finland
          1987 Nurse  Finland
          1972 Childcarer  Finland


              1998-2004 Painting, Sculptures etc -courses in Finland/Sweden about 300 hrs
              1991-1994 Gestalt therapy in groups incl drama and painting in Finland/Sweden
               1976-1997 Living workshop in Finland /Sweden 280 hrs

   2012-2019 Running a culture and art café in Ekenäs with events and workshops         

    2012-2017 Project koordinator for a school project for girls in Sierra Leone                         

    2009-2010 Project-coordinator in an art and culture project, Finland  www.produforum
    2003-2008 Manager in a short time nursing-home for young people with disabilities
    Manager for a day-center for disabled people  1 year
    Assistant teacher for children with special need  1 year
   Assistant at a museum, Finland – working with exhibitions and creating a card index for old photos  1 year
   Co-coordinator in an organization for people with disabilities  1 year           
   Teacher in drama and painting in Anna’s House – a culture center for children in Helsinki  2 years
   Teacher in creativity and art in different schools for nurses  4 years

               2009-2019 Culture and art events, courses and workshops for children and young       people in Finland, Sierra Leone, St Croix, Dominica,

                Greenland, Iceland
               1996 – 2019 Summer happenings for children incl. theater, dance, art
               1998 – 2010 Art for children living or visiting in institutions
               2000 – 2010 Art for children with special needs;  visiting schools
               2002 – 2010 Handicraft for families; open workshops
               2000 – 2010 Art projects for adults with disabilities; visiting day centers, organizing trips to Sweden and Spain to visit art museums,

                inviting artist to work with these people
               2001 – 2002 Making of Indian camps; making tipis, totems, jewelries, bows and arrows, tomahawks, drums, etc.

               As an artist I work with paintings, installations, junk art, recycle art and handicrafts like jewelries and wirework

               1990 - paintings
               1991 - paintings, installations
               1993 - paintings, junk art
               1995 – paintings
               1996 – jewelries
               2000 – paintings
               2002 – paintings, installations
               2004 – jewelries, recycle art
               2005 - jewelries, wireworks
               2008 - jewelries, Stockholm, Sweden( all the others in Finland)
               2009 - jewelries
               2016 - photos
               2017 - textile installations
               2018 - light installations      
            TEACHING WORK
          For adults:
               Dynamic process in group
               Creativity in rehabilitating
               Working with myths, dreams and symbols
               Painting and sculpturing
          For people with disabilities:
               Sex and how to live together
               Consciousness of disabilities
               Painting and sculpturing
          For children with special needs:
               Painting and sculpturing
          For children of all kind and of all ages:
               Painting and drawing with aquarelle, acryl, tempera, collages, black-white, charcoal,
               color pencils etc.  
               Sculptures of wire, metallic net (for hen coops), papier mache, wood, clay, junk
               Making dolls and doll houses and performing puppet theater
               Handicrafts: wire work, jewelries, painting textiles, making paper, wool felting
               Workshops with themes like “Junk Art”, “Fishes”, “Birds”, “Clowns and Circus”,
               “Faces and Masks”, “The Sea”, “The Space”, “Stories and Myths”, “Mobiles” etc.
               incl. painting and making sculptures of all kind of materials


           STUDY TOURS
          How to use creativity and art with people with disabilities or mentally ill people;
               Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden
               Oslo, Norway
               Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark
               Barcelona, Spain
               New York and San Francisco, USA