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To me, magic means the spiritual forces that are everywhere around us. Especially in the nature and in silence, we can experience the magic of living and being a part of the universe. There we can collect spiritual power to improve ourselves and also our surroundings. We search for answers to the meaning of life and try to achieve harmony both in ourselves and with the people around us. To strengthen our spirituality we can use different kinds of rituals, symbols, positive visualizations and affirmations. 


I offer tarot card reading as part of guidance in locked life situations as it is a good tool for discovering new angles.

I started studying Tarot in 1988, when I translated for myself an English book about Aleister Crowley's tarot cards into Swedish. At that time there were no books about tarot in Swedish or Finnish. 

I still use that deck, but I also have many others. Tarot is a part of my everyday life - a card as a guide in the morning, an advice for any question that comes up during the day and often a family member or friend calls or comes and asks me to draw one or more cards.

Get in touch if you are stuck in your own thinking and need to see new visions, we can draw a couple of cards for you and the situation you are in.



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