"Discovering, experiencing and developing one's own resources is the most important"

Living Workshop


Through the Living Workshop methods, you get loose, dare to create without demands for results, are inspired to come up with new solutions, feel like experimenting and gain insights into your own and others' resources


By taking part in a creative workshop

- you practice the ability to shape your experiences and memories

- you train yourself to experience your feelings and get to know yourself better

- you become familiar with different materials and tools and can find the form of expression that suits you best

-you learn to live here and now - conscious presence in the moment

… and above all you have fun!


I offer workshops in free creativity, mixed media, painting, iron wire art, jewelry, creative writing, textile art and various creative forms of expression through the Living Workshop method.

We can use scrap, paper, textiles, iron wires, beads, glass, paints, metal, wood and work with sound, words, movement, role play

I use recycled materials whenever possible

Popular workshops are

-making dream catchers, stories and myths, scrap workshop, crazy jewelries, creative writing.